Sunday, March 1, 2015

Unpacking Cricut Explore

My Cricut Explore arrived on Friday - I was so happy to get it.  My daughter had ordered it through her work so I wasn't able to login to get tracking information. We were expecting it on Monday - so I am going to be doing alot of crafting this weekend.  I'm so excited.

I put off a couple of projects because I wanted to see if this machine would live up to all the hype that I've been hearing the past couple weeks because of the release of the Explore Air on   After watching a ton of YouTube videos, joining some Cricut Explore Facebook Groups and playing with the Design Space software, I decided to order the Explore now with the Bluetooth Adapter instead of waiting for the Air to be released in Canada.

Open the box and there is a package of materials in an envelope and instructions for setting up in the smaller booklet.

So you get some cardstock for the starter project and there are a couple sheets of Duck Tape, a sheet of Cricut Iron-on and a sheet of Cricut Vinyl.

The Cricut Explore comes with it's own bag, which is great. I bought a bag for my Expression 2 at the same time that I ordered the Explore. 

You also get a mat, a Cricut pen and the adapter for usb and power supply.

Nice looking machine - very sleek.  

Here it is beside my E2.   They are almost the same size. The E2 looks larger than it actually is.

The Explore has great built in storage.  There is a section on the top and once the top and front open there is a couple hidden compartments for blades, housing and tools. 

Inside the housing on the left holds either a pen or a scoring tool.  And the blade housing is on the right.

While I was waiting for delivery of the Explore I ordered a Score Tool and a Bluetooth Adapter from   There is a slot on the right side of the machine for the Bluetooth Adapter and the Score Tool is interchangeable with the pen. 

So that's the unboxing of my new Explore.  
In my next post I will show the making of the included project. 

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