Friday, March 6, 2015

Cricut Explore Calibration for Print & Cut

I made a couple of cards with my Explore then I decided to check out the scrapbook pages in the Make It Now section of Design Space.  I found a cute page with Mickey & Pluto on it so I decided to test it out since I have the Mickey & Friends cartridge.

I chose the project and right away the program prompted me to do the calibration for print & cut.

I was able to print this out on a piece of white cardstock with my Canon inkjet printer, then stuck it on my mat and followed the prompts in Design Space. 

The machine goes through a series of cuts along the top and sides of the cardstock then cuts out these two boxes.  

If it doesn't cut properly you can adjust the settings and try it again.  It was pretty easy to set up by following the instructions on the screen.  

Quick video I took while the Explore was reading the registration marks and doing the calibration.  

Once the calibration was finished I was able to start my Make It Now Mickey & Pluto page.  
See the next post to see the Print & Cut and the finished scrapbook page.  

Check out the Cricut Explore & Bundles at
They also have the wireless adapter and other accessories available online.