Thursday, March 5, 2015

Side by Side Comparison Cricut Explore vs. Cricut Expression 2

When I was researching the Cricut Explore one of the things that people kept mentioning was how precise the cuts from the Explore were.

I was working on a scrapbook layout when I ordered my Explore and I wasn't entirely happy with one of the Cricut images I had cut with my Expression 2 so I put it on hold until the Explore came and then I recut it.

This was the second thing that I cut with the Explore and the first project that had multiple layers. I really liked that I just selected the image in Design Studio and all the layers showed up on my mat. No more dragging each separate layer like I had to do in Cricut Craftroom.  The layers are all grouped together so if you need to resize all the pieces get resized together. 

On the cut screen each mat will have the images in the upper left corner.   You can select any of the mats on the left panel then just use your cursor to move your image where you want it to cut. This is great for putting all your cardstock onto one mat.

Ready to cut, all my cardstock is placed where I want it. You still need to load/unload your mat in between cuts and the Design Space software will prompt you to insert any pens or scoring stylus. You can also change the dial in between cuts if you are using different weights of paper.

Here is my cut - nice clean edges.  I was using Stampin' Up cardstock for the dresser it turned out pretty good. I tend to stay away from it because it tends to cut with fuzzy edges due to the fibre in the paper. 

Top cut with my Expression 2.  Bottom Cricut Explore.
I noticed difference in the detail along the bottom of the dresser - the cuts from the Explore are very defined. 

Top: Expression 2
Bottom: Cricut Explore

I noticed the clean cuts on the bottom and how sharp the curved edges were on the cut by the Explore.

Top: Expression 2
Bottom: Cricut Explore

On the cat cut with my old machine all the edges are slightly rounded.  The cat that was cut with the Explore has nice sharp edges.  Can really notice the difference in the cat's ears.  

 I really noticed the nice clean curves on the dresser legs and the detail along the bottom.  The Cricut Explore does cut with more precision than the Expression 2.  

Here is a close up of an overlay that I cut for a different layout.  
Really shows the nice clean edges from the Cricut Explore.

Product used:

CTMH Whisper cardstock
SU Domestic Goddess patterned paper (retired)
SU Pool Party & Island Indigo

 CTMH Hopscotch patterned cardstock (overlay image)

Cricut Cartridge: Meow

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