Friday, July 31, 2015

Quick Organizing Tip For Embossing Folders

When I got my CTMH Consultant Kit last year it included 3x3 cardstock samples on a ring. 
I use them all the time when choosing colours for my projects and keep the ring on my desk.  
I have a bunch of Embossing Folders but I find I'm not using them very often since I have them put away in my storage cubes.  
Out of site - Out of mind.  So I decided to do something similar and embossed 3x3 scraps of cardstock.    

I wrote on each one (so I know where I got it from), 
hole punched the corner and put them all on a ring. 

It is small enough to keep on my desk with my paper swatches
 and I can easily grab it to bring along if I'm out shopping and I don't need to worry about accidentally buying duplicates. 

I love the style of the CTMH Embossing Folders - they are the only ones that I am able to emboss larger than the plastic folder.  
They have an open section on the top so once you have embossed part of your cardstock you can slide it through the top, match up the pattern and finish embossing the rest of the piece.  Great if you want to use on scrapbook pages.  
Each folder is 5x7 instead of the usual A2 size. 

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