Saturday, June 17, 2017

Design Space 3: Upload Images with Drag and Drop

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I think the ability to upload images to the new Cricut Design Space 3 by drag and drop is probably the thing I like the most about the updates so far.

I have so many SVG files on my computer but haven't uploaded them to Design Space until now because of how long it used to take in DS2.

I mainly use my iPad for cutting since my main computer is not in my craft room.   I usually just use my desktop for uploading, although I do like how the new DS3 seems a lot like the iPad app.  

I have a folder full of free SVG files that I downloaded from Birds Cards a couple of years ago when I first upgraded to the Cricut Explore from the Expression2.  
The new drag and drop feature makes it really easy to upload files to Design Space 3.  
Click on the Upload Image button - it lists the types of files that you can add.

The Drag and Drop screen will open, select your file and drag it into that box.

Your image will show up on this screen -  I added in tags to make it easier to search.  
Then hit save...

And then your image shows up in the Recently Uploaded Images section.

Nice and fast.  As I do this I am also dragging and dropping into Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, which I run off of an external hard drive with my Mac Mini to save space.  I've saved my zipped files in my OneDrive account and am deleting the copies off of my hard drive as I upload to the software.