Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cricut Design Space App Now Has Offline Capabilities

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Cricut just announced yesterday that they would soon be releasing a new version of the Design Space App for iOS and I'm happy to say that I was able to update my iPad this morning and go offline with it!!

This is such a great feature, whether you want to design on the go or if, like mine, your wifi connection isn't the best and you want to be able to cut offline with your Explore.

Here are some of the basic steps to help you get your new App ready to cut offline.
I took some screenshots as I logged in and downloaded some images and fonts for offline use.

I updated my app and logged in just like I would normally do.

Clicking on the 3 lines shows all the different categories of Make It Now Projects and just above that is My Projects in the Cloud (anything I have ever designed and saved) and a new category called My Projects on this iPad.

I clicked on the new category, My Projects on this iPad and 
since there was nothing there I chose to create a New Project.

Then I searched for my new CTMH Flower Market cartridge.

Once my cartridge loaded, I selected a few images and they showed up along the bottom of my screen.  I then had the option to Insert them into my project, or I could Download Selected.  

I clicked Download Selected and those three images now show as Downloaded instead of Purchased.

Still online, I inserted the 3-D Rose image that I had just downloaded.

I noticed the squares on my grid were quite small so I went into settings and turned the Metric Units off.  The App always defaults back to metric when I update since I live in Canada.  I prefer to use Imperial when I am crafting.  

I decided to save this new project to my iPad so I can go back and cut it 
offline when I get out to my craftroom.  

After I selected Save, I was given the option to Save to the Cloud or to Save on this iPad.

I named my project and then selected Save on this iPad.

Now when I go back to the Project Menu and select My Project on this iPad my new project shows up.

Offline, my project is ready for me to cut!

After downloading those few images and saving my first project I decided to download some fonts to my iPad.

I selected the Text icon at the bottom of my Design Screen.  
Once the font list loaded I hit Select in the upper left-hand corner.

Then I got the Manage Fonts screen and could scroll up or down and tap on the fonts I wanted.

As soon as you tap on a font then the Download option shows on the upper right.  
You just tap Download and your fonts are saved to your device.  

I turned my wifi off and when I select the Text icon my downloaded fonts are showing in the list! Just tap the one you want to use and it works just like it would in the old online version.  

Another option for downloading images:

When you are choosing images to download you can add them individually like I did above, but there was also another option.  Before you tap on the images you will see a Select Visible icon to the bottom left of your screen.

I tapped on the Select Visible to see what would happen....

All the images that are on the screen showed up in the bottom bar.

I tapped on Download Selected and all those images downloaded to my iPad.   
Great option if you want to quickly download lots of images.

When you are in the App, if you tap on the little man at the top and select About, then What's New it will take you to a screen with some basic instructions about downloading and saving to your iPad.  

I can't wait to play with it some more and cut offline!  I will post more as I go!