Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Nesting Dolls Card from Crazy Cute Cards in Cricut Access

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Cricut has added another awesome cartridge available exclusively to Cricut Access subscribers!
It's called Crazy Cute Cards and has great interactive cards on it.

I made this card using the Nesting Dolls Mother's Day Card #MF026EE image.  I love these little dolls, it reminds me of the set of nesting dolls my step-mother had when I was a kid.

I started by putting together my cuts for each of the three dolls.  I couldn't find a handbook online so I used the images in my Design Space Layers Panel for reference.

The file comes with three card bases and the two larger dolls have pockets for the dolls to nest in.

There are two of the larger size - the one without the flap I used as a backing for the large doll so you can't see the flaps from the pocket on the back.

I wrapped the tabs around the back of the piece with the flap then adhered the extra piece on top hiding the pocket strips.

Largest doll, I've attached the top piece so it will fold over to the front of the card.

I followed the same steps with the medium size doll, except I folded the pocket flaps in to hide them instead of wrapping around the back of the base.

Finished dolls ready to nest.

Smallest doll inside Medium pocket

Medium doll inside Large Pocket.

Largest doll with Medium and Small Dolls nested inside. 

This was such a fun project, currently available only for Cricut Access Subscribers.
There are so many great interactive cards on this new cartridge, I will be posting more soon.

Here's a peek at some of the images in Design Space: