Sunday, April 26, 2015

Colouring Book SVG 201 with Crafts By Two

Today I cut the svg cutting file that I made following the How Two: Coloring Book SVG 201 Tutorial by Crafts By Two.  I used the same image as the 101 Tutorial.   

In the 101 tutorial you cut every layer. I had a lot of small pieces with the eyes, brows, nostrils & mouth all cutting separately and needing to be layered.  The 201 tutorial goes over additional steps to eliminate some of those extra cuts.   I was able to have the smaller pieces cut out of the face and have the black layer underneath show through.

There are the pieces all cut out. Notice the layer with the face.

Here I have it mostly glued together. So much easier than trying to place every piece on the face in proportion to each other.  

This shows the face from the second over top of the first - I wanted to see how close I was in guessing where all the pieces went in the 101 piece.  Not too bad I was off just a little bit. 

Here are both cuts side by side, the 101 piece is on the left and the 201 piece is on the right.  I didn't have a coloured image in front of me when I used Inkscape for the 201 so I didn't notice that I had changed the hair to the side of the face in the second cut.  The finished product isn't much different but was way easier to cut and assemble by eliminating all those extra pieces.  I will definitely be using this tutorial again to make more cutting files for my personal scrapbook pages. 

Find the Tutorials on the Craft By Two Site.

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If using a licensed image to make a cutting file remember personal use only.
This image will be used in my Walt Disney World scrapbook.