Sunday, November 30, 2014

Using QR Codes In Your Scrapbook Layouts

Well I'm happy to say that I finally found a way to integrate all the videos that I take with my camera and cell phone into my scrapbook pages!

When I import into my computer everything is saved by date in iPhoto.  Then I create separate folders by year, month and layout so everything is grouped together.   Most of the time I've just deleted or worked around any videos that were in those folders.  Now I'll be able to go back and add in the videos and as I do each layout I can add a QR code to my page and anyone with a QR reader on their phone can scan and be directed to the video.

I played around with it today and it was pretty easy.

Here's step by step of what I did:

  • First I add a video to my YouTube account.  
  • Then I copied the link to the URL for the video
  • I used the code generator at to get my image in jpg format.
  • I downloaded it into iPhoto and renamed it so I would know which video it was.
  • I also created a folder on my desktop with the qr code and the pictures I wanted to scrap with it.
  • I opened Studio J and created a layout with my pictures and added two qr codes linking to two different videos that I had take when I took those photos.

This is my Studio J layout with the two codes added in. The first video is my dogs wanting to go outside. And the second is them rushing out the door to play in the snow. It's also our puppy's first snow so I'm happy I could add these great moments.

If you do pocket scrapbooking or digital pocket scrapbooking you can add the qr code to a digital journaling card and either print it out as a photo or use it on a digital layout. I had this card already saved so I just added a photo box for the QR code.

You can also add the code directly to a photo and then have it printed or use it in a digital layout.

If you do traditional layouts or pocket scrapbooking you can print the QR code onto paper and add it to your layout or journaling cards.  

Feel free to contact me for more information on using QR codes in your layouts or leave a comment below.  Happy Scrapping!!