Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Flatten A Cut Image to Print Then Cut with Design Space iPad App

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I posted a few weeks ago about the update to the Cricut Design Space App with Print Then Cut now available to use with the App.  I didn't have a printer set up in my craft room but I found one on sale at Best Buy with AirPrint and have it all set up now.  

The cheapest printer I could find - on sale for $30.

I needed some tags when I was wrapping gifts so I chose the Holiday Gift Tags from the Make It Now section in Design Space.  These tags were set as cut files in the software but I was able to change them to print - a great feature when you want to make something fast.   I didn't want to have to glue all those layers together.

So here I have opened the layers panel so you can see how each tag has the images grouped together.  I've also selected the Actions icon at the bottom and just above it shows the different actions I can do to my selected image.  I love that you can highlight the image just by dragging your finger around the image. 

In this screen shot, I have highlighted the Flatten Icon - you can see to the right in the layers panel that the image layers are highlighted in grey and show the scissors beside it for the original cut file.

Here is my screen right after I touched the Flatten icon.  

You can see in the upper right corner that all the different layers have been flattened into one image with a printer icon beside.  My image is now ready to Print Then Cut.

All three tags are ready to Print - I just have to tap the Send to Mat icon at the bottom right.

Here is my Mat screen and I've set the number of images that I want at the top left.  

I just have to tap the Print icon to send the image on the mat to my printer.

Printer options screen - you need an AirPrint printer to work with your iPad or iPhone.

Here I've selected my printer and picked the number of copies I want.

I print out the tag sheet then hit the Go icon.

Ready to cut - I've loaded my mat into the machine, the Cricut Explore will read the registration marks 
and then cut each tag out.   

 It was pretty quick and I was happy not to be gluing layers together and it saved me a trip to the store.  I'd rather make them myself with supplies that I already have.