Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cricut Lovely Layers Rose Card

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Here's another card from my new Anna's Lovely Layered Cards Cartridge that I bought during the Black Friday Sale.

This one had six layers to assemble.
I sized it at 5" high in the Cricut Design Space App to get a 5x5 finished card. 

I used my Black Pilot Precise V5 pen in the Explore for the sentiment.


All the layers laid out before I started gluing them together.
I started with the top row and worked my way from right to left.

I glued the back of the upper pieces then laid them onto the layer 
below so I wouldn't have any glue showing through.

I did find that the 6 layers were really thick when I went to 
put the inner dark purple layer on and try to fold it.  

Next time I do this I think I will score the top layer by hand instead of with the Explore, then I can move the line over just a little when adhering the inner piece. 

I'm not entirely sure what colours of cardstock I used.  I have a drawer full of 8x11 and a lot of it is retired SU cardstock that I purchased in 2002/2003 when a friend was a demo.