Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gotta Love a Bargain on Laminator & Laser Printer for Foiling

I've been pricing out Laminators and Laser Printers because I want to try my hand at Foiling using my Cricut Explore to cut images that I print with a laser printer.

I was expecting to spend in the $150 - $175 range to get started but then I happened to come across a free HP Laser printer on a local Facebook auction site.  I just printed a test page with it and once I get toner for it I think it will be perfect.   I just ordered toner off of for $11.00 .  Not too shabby and if it doesn't work out the way I expect I can always re-list the printer on the auction site.  I was originally going to order the Brother HLL2320D since they are under $80 at

I also managed to pick up a Scotch Thermal Laminator last week for $40 and now I just need to order some Deco-Foil.   I can't wait to get started!