Monday, June 29, 2015

Cricut Design Space App for iPhone Now Available

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I just downloaded the new Cricut Design Space App for iPhone from the App Store.  Love it already!

Even though the screen on my iPhone is small the App is an updated version of the one I have been using on my iPad for the last few months.  I prefer the app to the computer version.  I find it way easier to use.   Now I can work on projects anywhere and then cut when I am ready.

After I downloaded it gave me a few quick pages to scroll through showing how it works.

I logged in and it shows some Make It Now Designs.  

Then I tapped on the icon on the upper left with 3 horizontal lines - that will give you a list of different categories including your saved projects. 
I chose Cards.

Then I selected the We Go Together Card. 
It shows as free on the upper right side because I purchased the Classically Modern Cards cartridge when it came out last month.  

Next, I chose Customize at the bottom of the project screen so it would take me to the Design Screen.  If you look at the upper right you will notice that the square has the middle section highlighted - that is for the Design Screen. 
(left is for projects and the right side is the preview/cutting screen)

I tapped on the Edit icon and the size shows along the bottom. Tap on it again for it to go away.

I did the same for the Layers panel to show up.  
You can see all the icons along the bottom by swiping along the bottom.

Then I tapped Send to Mat at bottom right corner and it came up with my Preview Screen where I can move things around on my mats then tap Go to cut. 

Love it!   So easy to use and will be great to be able to start a design on any of my devices, save and pick up where I left off on another.  I can easily see myself on this a lot since I always have my iPhone with me and spend a lot of time sitting outside while my dogs tear up the yard.