Monday, October 14, 2013

Using the Photo Layout Option in My Memories to create an Album

There are many different ways to create digital scrapbook albums using My Memories.  You can build your own pages from scratch, use pre-fabricated pages where all the backgrounds, elements and photo layouts are provided or if you are looking to create something quickly you can choose the Photo Layout option.

I used this option for the first time last year when the owners of the store I work at sold the store so they could semi-retire.  We had very little notice of the sale and wanted to do something nice for them so we decided to make them a photo album and we needed it done fast.

I had lots of pictures to use - they had owned the store for over 12 years and many of us had worked for them for a very long time.  I was also able to take pictures off of Facebook that former staff had shared.

So here is a screen shot with the photo layout tab selected to the left.  The album pages are shown along the bottom.  The current page you are working on shows up in the middle, and the right hand side has all the different options you can use to add different things to your page as you go.  I kept it really simple - I chose two background colours which also happened to match the store colours and decorative awnings that are up all over the store.

Then as I was working on each page I simply chose a layout from the left, double clicked on the picture that I wanted to add, chose it from My Picture file then added the background color. Text was kept to a minimum. It was fun to make - and we just uploaded the finished pages to Costco for printing then slid them in a 12x12 album and we were done.

Here is the finished project:

It was quick, simple and lots of tears were shed when we presented it on their last day!