Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Studio J Express Collection Tutorial

Here's a quick tutorial to show you how easy it is to get your digital photos into albums without purchasing software. Studio J is an online scrapbook program. No payment required until you want your layouts printed. Layouts are saved in program for 90 days.


Step one: Create your account at Studio J & login.  I used the Express Collection for this tutorial. 

Step 2: Name your project.

Step 3: Upload your photos. You can also choose to upload them later. 

Step 4: Here's the page with all my pictures for this layout.

Step 5: Choose the category of Express Collection layouts. I chose Sports.

Step 6: Choose your layout - everything is done for you with Express Collection, you just drag your photos into the photo wells and personalize

Step 7: I've dragged my photos into the photo wells. My pictures are shown to the left hand side. Notice the warning symbols on the larger photos - my pictures are old and the resolution isn't great. I choose to keep those pictures anyway because I want them in albums. You can zoom in and moved your pictures around in the photo wells.  

Step 8: I can add extra embellishments by selecting that option to the left.

Step 9: You can add a distressed finish to your page by selecting that option to the left. This page already had some distressing done to it - notice the gray around the edges of the background page.

Step 10: Personalize text. Highlight and change size, colours or fonts.

Step 11: Finished layout. This was my fastest yet because I didn't make any changes to the layout except for personalizing text on right.

I chose to create a Custom layout for these pictures. The Dakota paper was perfect for my daughter's 4-H pictures.

I can also import finished layouts from digital scrapbooking software that I already own to Studio J for printing. 
Cheaper than what I paid at Costco in the past even without my consultant discount. And Studio J orders also count towards Hostess Rewards if included in a Gathering order.

Go to http://nancyhelmer.studioj.com to try it for yourself.  There are lots of great videos on the site to show you more things you can do with it.   When you are ready to order there is a flat rate for shipping & if you contact me prior to ordering layouts I can set up a Gathering for you so you can get Hostess Rewards for your order.